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Conversion Chart - Cup to grams

Updated: Feb 5

Should you use measuring cups and spoons when cooking and baking or weigh your ingredients? It depends on personal preference and the recipe you're following. Some recipes may specify the number of ingredients in cups, while others may use grams or ounces.

Using measuring cups and spoons can give you a more accurate measurement of ingredients, but this may not always be necessary. If you are following a recipe, it is important to use the units of measurement specified in the recipe to ensure that your dish turns out as intended.

For baking, it is generally recommended to use a kitchen scale to weigh ingredients, rather than measuring by volume with cups. This is because the weight of ingredients can vary greatly depending on how tightly they are packed into a cup, which can result in different amounts of ingredients in different recipes. Weighing ingredients provides a more accurate and consistent measurement, which can help ensure that baked goods turn out consistently each time.

For example, flour and honey have different densities, meaning that they have different masses per unit of volume. This means that although they may occupy the same amount of space, they still weigh differently because of the differences in their densities. Honey is denser than flour and therefore weighs more for the same volume.

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