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Conversion Chart - Millilitre to Teaspoon

Updated: Feb 5

Using measuring spoons is important because it provides accurate and consistent measurements for ingredients, which is crucial for recipes to turn out as intended. Measuring spoons come in standard sizes and allow for precise measurements, ensuring that the correct amount of an ingredient is used each time. This helps in achieving the desired taste, texture, and consistency of the final dish. Additionally, using measuring spoons helps to reduce food waste and saves time and money by reducing the need for trial and error.

A teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of flour does not weigh the same because they have different densities, which means that they occupy different amounts of space per unit of mass. For example, sugar is generally denser than flour, so a teaspoon of sugar weighs more than a teaspoon of flour. It is more accurate to measure ingredients by weight rather than volume when following a recipe, as this ensures that the correct amount of each ingredient is used, regardless of its density.

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